Welcome to Girl Talk!

Whether it’s about clothes, makeup, or hairstyles…boys, families, or teachers at school…girls love to talk! While it’s fun to think about the things that produce laughter and giggles, girl talk is not always happy and rosy. Girls have the ability to understand and relate to each other in a way that no one else ever can. Because of this unique dynamic, girls can be each other’s greatest allies.

Girl Talk celebrates this bond between girls and uses its power to create awareness of an issue that impacts more and more girls and women each day: sexual violence. Girl Talk takes the incredible ability girls have to work together and allows them to help each other while helping themselves.

Girl Talk is here for you. That’s right, YOU. We know you have questions about sexual violence, and we’re here to help you find answers. Whether it be something you see on TV or in movies, read online, or hear from others, we want you to have all the facts so that you can make informed decisions.

Browse through the questions your peers have asked and the answers provided by staff and volunteers at Jane Doe Advocacy Center, a legal service center that focuses on issues relating to sexual violence. Each week. more questions and answers will be added, giving you as much information as we possibly can. You’ll notice that your peers have great questions, and that several of them probably have the same questions you do. You can also submit your own questions to Jane Doe for individual answers.

Soak it in, think it over, and don’t be afraid to ask your questions. Girl Talk is all about you!


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